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Future of Spanish

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 10, 1999, 16:40
As it has been recently discused from the nasal v/s oral voiced stops
and something on the genitives, or previously on supletory forms... I
was wondering which characteristics could have a future Spanish.

Well, I guess this language of hundreds of million of speakers, being
national language of 20 countries and spoken in other parts of the
world... would not have an uniform evolution but reather split in
dialects that would eventually become national languages... if La Real
Academia looses it's control.

Some posible paths of evolution:

Fonological changes (in different dialects):
  Lose of the oral voiced stops in favour of the fricative variants even
in sentence initial position.
  Lose of the oral voiced stops after the nasal by lenghtening of the
  Posible split of the /B/ into [B] and [v] based on orthography
(counter correction of speech).
  Lost of syllabe final /s/, being replaced for a phonemic
differenciation of [e]-[E], [o]-[O] and [&]-[A].
  Complete, acceptable, lose of /D/ in supinum: <ado> -> [Ao].
  Lost of tense in unstressed vowels, mainlly in final /e/ -> [@] and
/o/ -> [V].

Other changes
  Officiallization of /BOh/ as second person singular.
  Preposition "de" becoming a clitic -/e/ ([E] or [@]) (already used in
words like "ag=FCepanela" and the "hijue#$%&" series).   This would becom=
a case with the following endings:
  nominative possessed
  -o /V/     -ue /w@/
  -a /a/     -e  /@/
  -K         -Ke

I guess many other things could be thought.

Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinz=F3n
  ITEC-Telecom, Colombia

Di mi beh em je lok mi ju je kom lon vu am je