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My masterpiece, part 1 (long) - to Jesse & Hiroshi Kato

From:M.E.S. <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, February 23, 2002, 21:32
--- Jesse Bangs <jaspax@...> wrote:
> I'd like to know if anyone else has a conlang text > of comparable length or ambition, and how they made > it.
Jesse: About to read your "masterpiece" emails, part 1 and part 2, so I won't comment on them yet. In regard to the above, I met with Hiroshi Kato (creator of Grie Ka) here in Tokyo last week, and he was showing me a little of his work. Wow! Quite impressive, as he's been writing his own journals in the language for several years now. We ran out of time that night, but I hope he's still around to get together. He guesstimated to have well over 3000 words at one point in the past, when he actually tried counting them vocabulary. Hiroshi-san: Sorry, but I cannot find your email address. Could you email me again? M.E.S. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Sports - Coverage of the 2002 Olympic Games