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YAEPT (was Re: French)

Date:Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 22:57
Roger Mills writes:
> > The only real free variation in AmEngl. I can > think if is "economic(s), economical" with initial > [i] or [E], often in the same discourse. Other > alternants, like "either" ['iDr=] ~ ['aiDr=] or > "tomato" [t@'meyto ~ t@'mAto] seem to be regional, > maybe even class features.
When I was a teenager around 1970, I noticed that everyone here in southeastern Michigan pronounced "either" as ['iDr=] if they were younger than 30, but as ['aiDr=] if they were older than that. What really annoyed me (although it didn't seem to matter to my classmates) was that our teachers were always correcting us to pronounce it as ['aiDr=]. Now that I'm 54, I still pronounce it ['iDr=], but all my former classmates who still live here have switched to ['aiDr=]. In fact, I can't remember the last time I heard someone else say ['iDr=]. But I don't know any teenagers around here. I wonder how they say it. --Ph. D.


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