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Re: update

From:Piermaria Maraziti <pierma@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 17, 1999, 23:06
At 14.22 17/08/1999 -0400, you wrote:

>Piermaria is right. On the other hand, I could refer all mail >to some other server without its passing through my machine. However, it
Yes. Its a simple MX-record trick. And speaking of DNS tricks: an empty A record does an interesting thing: you can address a site without prefixing it with www. or another 3rd-level name: try (sorry, all in Italian).
> go to That's one reason that even people
(note that exists)
>without a webserver might want to claim a domain name.
>even this kind of delivery address can cause problems if the target
>does not know that it has another legal name. Otherwise, is
>to complain that it knows nothing about and bounce the >mail.
Yes! For mail it is so. But if someone has a fixed IP but no DNS, Apache is rapidly configured to answer to requests also with the "new" name. Ciao! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Piermaria Maraziti - - ait anuas [Ex Arcano] - ainulindale: - Discordia l'Eterno - +3934735GILDA ICQ:744473 Gran Siniscalco del Leale Ordine della Cavalleria et Stregoneria Italica