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Re: OT: Ruminations on managing the volume of this list

From:Amanda Babcock <ababcock@...>
Date:Monday, January 5, 2004, 22:31
On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 08:20:50AM -0800, Gary Shannon wrote:

> Here's the solution I've come up with. I've created > separate text files to contain the threads I'm > interested in archiving.
Or you can just use a threading mailreader. My (text-only) mailreader, mutt, displays the following when I view this thread in the index: * 1153 Jan 02 Thomas Leigh ( 2.7K) Cushitic, South Semitic etc. * 1154 Jan 03 Gary Shannon ( 0.5K) |->Ruminations on managing the volum * 1155 Jan 03 Carsten Becker ( 1.3K) | `*> * 1156 Jan 03 Gary Shannon ( 1.8K) `->How much data in your conlang nou * 1157 Jan 04 Rik Roots ( 3.4K) |-> * 1158 Jan 04 Muke Tever ( 1.6K) `-> Note that, by replying to an unrelated message to start a new thread, you have actually embedded two new threads within an existing one. This is because your References: or In-Reply-To: headers will quote the Message-ID from the Message-ID: header of the message you're replying to. Thanks, Amanda