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Yer Ugly Mug (Sorry to Bug)

From:David J. Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 17, 2003, 7:30
Where's the site again?

ObConlang: I found a toy coin in an old box of stuff, and it has the
following written on it:


The only other ones I found had Spanish on them.   This left me with several

(1) Is it a conlang?   (Probably not.)
(2) Is it a real language? (Anyone?)
(3) Is it a jumble?
(3a) If it is, is it just the letters in the word that were mixed up, or were
the letters of the whole phrase mixed up, and then pieced together to form
(3b) Again, if it's a jumble, is it a jumble in Spanish or English (or
something else?!)?
(4) Is it just random, made-up stuff done by the manufacturer, signifying
nothing (from China, incidentally)?
(5) Is there some program that could tease this out automatically?

That's it from me.   I'm working on a website.   It turns out not to be that
tough.   And fun!



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