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Re: Yer Ugly Mug (Sorry to Bug)

From:Tony Hogard <james.hogard@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 13:22
"David J. Peterson":
> Toneken wrote:
> <<I found this googling: > > I can't make out the smaller print.>>
> HOW DID YOU FIND AN EXACT REPLICA OF MY COIN!?!?!?! My God! The > web has > everything! Yeah, that's the one. It's just plastic; nothing > serious. The > kind of thing a kid in the '20's would be two pennies for at the 5 > and Dime. > Anyway, yes, that's exactly it, and the small writing is (copyright > sign) > OTC China. Where the heck did you find that?! And did it give > any info on > it?
The only relevant references were people wondering "What the heck does it say on this weird coin I found?" -Tone