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Re: Interbeing

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Thursday, February 28, 2002, 6:34
> Isn't everyone born in America circumcised, at least since 1981, when I >was born? I thought it reduced the risk of disease.
The reduction is tiny. At one time it was connected to testicular cancer (now shown to be false), and all other problems supposedly related to the foreskin have been shown to be caused by poor hygiene in most cases. I agree with Padraig here - it's a nasty custom (baby boys aren't even anesthetized!) with no valid reasons for being performed as often as it is (with the exception of religion). But most circumcised men aren't jewish. And, by the way, it hurts a LOT to be circumcised as an adult. Not a pleasant experience in any way. And hopefully that will be the end of this! Aidan