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Re: Interbeing

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Thursday, February 28, 2002, 4:18
In a message dated 02/27/02 1:43:51 PM, agricola@WAM.UMD.EDU writes:

<< [rant] Entirely apart from the barbarity of surgery; anyone who
willingly undergoes this (or worse, inflicts this on a child)
without PDG medical reason ought to be shot. Or at least sent up
for a psych eval! [/rant] >>

    Isn't everyone born in America circumcised, at least since 1981, when I
was born?  I thought it reduced the risk of disease.


"Zi hiwejnat zodZaraDatsi pat Zi mirejsat dZaCajani sUlo."
"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."
                --Jim Morrison


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