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Re: Interbeing

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Date:Thursday, February 28, 2002, 6:36
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> "Douglas Koller, Latin & French" <latinfrench@S...> wrote: > > >>> > And tomorrow, a lengthier opus on "Circumcision". Fear not, o > squeamish ones; it's not a medical treatise, but an excerpt > translated from the Hungarian novel "A Körülmetélés". Tame stuff (so > far). > Kou > <<< > ouch. i don't want to read this.
Neither do I! I hope we should be sensible enough to have a kinda inner censorship on certain topics, esp. religious ones to prevent senseless fighting.
> does anyone here whitness whether it really > hurts when you're an adult?
A friend of mine got cicumcised at the age of 36. He told that the very procedure was almost painless, but later he could hardly walk for a couple of weeks. But he was happy since he performed a mitzvah!
> isn't "circumcision of the soul" fair enough? i'm > sure it is. must be so. definitely.
It depends. According to the Torah (the Instruction/Teaching given to the Jewish people by our G-d, A-doynoi, the Creator & Master of the Universe), both circumcision of the flesh and circumcision of the heart are commanded. You can find it in your Bible in Genesis 17:9-14 and Deuteronomy 10:16. The perpetuality of the commandment is proven by the prophet Ezekiel 44:9 where he tells about the future Messianic kingdom. So it is *obligatory* for a Jew. It's definetely clear (and confirmed by the Sages) that a non-circumcised Jew has no share in the World-to-Come (that's an equivalent of the church term "salvation"). On the contrary, Gentiles, even those who believe in G-d of Israel, are NOT commaded to be circumcised. Moreover, they are strongly dissuaded to do it unless they want to be "complete proselytes" (gerei ha-tzedeq) which is also often dissuadable.
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