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Re: Interbeing

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 5:32
Marcus Antonius Agricola, civis Romanus, scripsit misitque
>From: nicole dobrowolski Reply-To: Constructed Languages List To: >CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU Subject: Re: Interbeing Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 >13:22:16 -0800 > >froge sionk David Peterson... >"The true poet will see the cloud in this >paper. For without a > cloud there can be no rain, and without rain, trees >can't grow, and > if trees can't grow, there would be no paper. In this >way, the > paper and the cloud interare. The word 'interbe' isn't a word > >you'll find in the dictionary, but I think it should be, for > just this >purpose." > >>
Lahabic: tyaieni'n ru'khe hibi'depho'lendrakhe peddelahabato'r ho'l khodekhanambro'detelembrame. kyelmenadara'lon ba'llei peddegwainalei sab peddelahababwos. kyeldha'dyakhro'ndara'londra roum telembra sab peddegwainabwos. kyelmenadara'londra pa'se' khanambro'detelembra sab telembrames. thaimmenaondra khanandetelembra ned peddelahabase' khodeiyikempo. kyelkyeumo'rdara'lon ba'llei pha'lenalei 'thaimmena-' ho'l pha'lendro'khisikro'po, yapenon ru'khe menadhubon ru'khe khoto'r no'd khoiatyaienabwos. see-AORFUT-3SG HE-NOM true-GEN-poet-NOM-NOM sky-GEN-island-NOM-ACC at this-GEN-destroy-ACC-GEN-tree-NOM-LOCPL not-be-able-AORPRES-3SG IT-NOM sky-GEN-water-NOM-NOM without sky-GEN-island-NOM-GEN not-great-CAUS-able-IMPFPRES-3PL THEY-NOMPL tree-NOMPL without sky-GEN-water-NOM-GEN not-be-able-IMPFPRES-3PL THEY-NOMPL destroy-ACC-GEN-tree-NOM-NOMPL without tree-NOM-GENPL during(temporal)-be-IMPFPRES-NOM-NOMPL and sky-GEN-island-NOM-NOMPL this-GEN-way-LOC (go-INST-LOC) not-find-able-IMPFPRES-3SG IT-NOM word-NOM-NOM during(temporal)-be at word-ACC-scratch-ACC-LOC know-IMPFPRES-3SG HE-NOM be-need-IMPFPRES-3SG HE-NOM this-ACC because this-GEN-towards-see-NOM-GEN Notes: khodeiatyaienabwos < kho-de-ya-tyaien-a-bwos theophilus is because I am a Christian and because I am a classics major (theophilus is a generic Greek name). _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at