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Re: Interbeing

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 20, 2002, 0:31
    Well, I didn't intend this to be a translation exercise, but since it
came to be so, I'm in, too! ~:D  The first is Megdevi, my big one, and the
second is Kamakawi, which is a two-week-old language I've created to look and
act like Hawaiian, since I've become very frustrated at the lack of Hawaiian
language books on the market.  For that language specifically, I added a /t/
and an /f/, and merged /?/ and /h/, so that /h/ occurs word initially, and
/?/ elsewhere.  I've also made it so that /u/ and /i/ go to /j/ and /w/ in
some environments (changes the stress pattern; minimal pairs can exist), /f/
goes to /v/ intervocallically, and /t/ goes to a flap in a highly restrictive
environment (a.k.a., I haven't made a word where it happens yet).  Also, even
though my languages have no cultures, for some reason I liked the idea of
borrowing words from Megdevi into Kamakawi that I imagine would not have come
to be on a pre-industrial island.  So, for example, in this exercise, the
word for tree in Megdevi is /ZerIS/, which is borrowed as /teliti/ in
Kamakawi, and the word for paper, /q&bIf/, is borrowed as /kapifi/ (which is
realized as [kapivi]).  So, here it is:

"The true poet will see the cloud in this paper.  For without a cloud there
can be no rain, and without rain, trees can't grow, and if trees can't grow,
there would be no paper.  In this way, the paper and the cloud interare.  The
word 'interbe' isn't a word you'll find in the dictionary, but I think it
should be, for just this purpose."

1A) "Zi delIr dariks Zi fezIZIm jasaTi lEnt Tejl q&bIf.  tSu zoD&n fezIZ,
matsalo di SerIs, pat zoD&n SerIs, Zi ZerIS di tarako ?isejlat dijx, pat s&m
Zi ZerIS di tarako ?isejlat dijx, matsalo dijx q&bIf.  T&Ru, Zi q&bIf-a-ZerIS
matsakinzli.  Zi m&kIl 'matsakinzla' di matsali m&kIl, lIdojIm Zoj navako
lEnt Zi m&kIlotsUm, bo ?oj Zanaji, lIdoj Tafasi, pIn Zu Tejl ZijE."

1B) The poet true the cloud-acc. see-pres. in this paper.  "Because" without
cloud be-irr. no rain, and without rain, the tree no can-irr. grow not, and
if the tree no can-irr. grow not, be-irr. not paper.  For this reason, the
paper-and-tree be-with-pres.  The word "interbeing" no is word, that-it-acc
you find-irr. in the word-holder, but I think-pres., that-it should-pres.,
because yes this reason.

2A) "A mata oliala imata ie kawi ae iko kapivi.  Ale ua oku kawi, ape oku
lave; ele ua oku lave, ape oku feiki teliti; ele ua oku feiki teliti, ape oku
kapivi.  A kapale, palele kawi oi kapivi.  Ae oalala 'palele' i ape, e neva?a
ia ioku amo ae e makilotumu, io a hale ei, a ae ea amo, le iko koku ima."

2B) New subject (hereafter, n.s.) see (the) poet true predicative-the cloud
in this paper.  N.S.-"because" irr. no cloud, n.s.-"then" no rain; same
subject (hereafter, s.s.)-"because" irr. no rain, n.s.-"then" no grow tree;
s.s.-"because" irr. no grow tree, n.s.-"then" no paper.  N.S. "in this
manner", 'interare' (the) cloud and (the) paper.  N.S. (from previous
sentence, though) word 'interbe' pred. one, s.s. find you pred.-not it in the
dictionary, but n.s. opine I, n.s. "to be in" yes it, "because" this reason

    I see how it's kind of odd to write that last sentence if you've just
invented a word for the word that you're claiming to not have in your
dictionary.  Kind of odd when you're the one creating the dictionary.  :)
    P.S., re: David Bell: Thanks for correcting the name I had.  Of all the
letters in his three names, that first one of his last name is the very one
that would have prevented me finding his book.  Speaking of which, is it
something that can commonly be found at a Barnes & Noble, or something?
    P.P.S.: Can the affricate /?h/ exist?  Sounds like a cough, or an
aspirated glottal stop.  Anyone thought of putting it in one of their
languages?  Any natural languages have it?


"Zi hiwejnat zodZaraDatsi pat Zi mirejsat dZaCajani sUlo."
"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."
                --Jim Morrison