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Re: Interbeing

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Sunday, February 17, 2002, 0:54

--- Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...> wrote:
> David Peterson wrote: > >>> > "The true poet will see the cloud in this paper. > For without a cloud there can > be no rain, and without rain, trees can't grow, and > if trees can't grow, there > would be > no paper. In this way, the paper and the cloud > interare. The word 'interbe' > isn't a word you'll find in the dictionary, but I > think it should be, for just > this purpose." > <<<
Iwolaki ladlehamalosanokayada lahowinoleha tsidlahahekwihadani. Hi leso si ihetsika linehowinoleda, imuwahetsika linehakada, hi ihetsika linehakada, unumesodlanaka dlukude, hi si unumesodlanaka dlukude, ihetsiko linedlahahekwihadada. Hi mane uhuhihihetsika ladlahahekwihadada lahowinolehi. Inihetsika lamaloda "ahahihhetsika" tsosikwe eduweki lamaloliweni, se amaseka tsosikwe imesohetsiko tsimamamo. (each agglutinated part generally translated only once for space) I=3rd PERS SING wola=see ki=FUT la=the dleha=true [malo=word sano=song kaya=person]=poet da=NOM SING [howi=water nole=air]=cloud ha=ACC SING tsi=this [dlaha=flat hekwi=write hada=wood]=paper ni=in SING hi leso=because si=if muwa=can hetsi=be line=no haka=rain unu=3rd PERS PL NEG dlana=big (as verb, ergo, grow) dluku=tree de=3rd PERS PL NOM ko=COND hi mane=in this way [uhu=3rd PERS PL REFLEX (I figured "interbe" would be reflexive) hihi=share hetsi=be ka=PRES]=interare hi=and SING (as suffix) ini=3rd PERS SING NEG "ahahihihetsika"=the word for "interbe" put into first pers pres, the way a KS dictionary would represent a dictionary entry for a verb tsosikwe=that e=2nd PERS duwe=find [malo=word liwe=book]=dictionary se=but a=1st PERS SING mase=think [i= 3rd PERS SING meso=need hetsi=be ko=COND]=it should be mama=goal mo=for [exchange] Dana! Clint __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Sports - Coverage of the 2002 Olympic Games


Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>Retranslation
Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>Retranslation