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Re: Interbeing

Date:Sunday, February 24, 2002, 22:54
On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 09:40:00PM -0500, David Peterson wrote:
> In a message dated 02/22/02 5:42:58 PM, kalatunu@HOTMAIL.COM writes: > > << very nice indeed. is there any grammar page available? > mathias >> > > :( I'm sorry. I feel very inferior to the rest of you because I just > have no clue how to design (or get, for that matter) a webpage, and I realize > that this really hinders anyone else's ability to actually learn more about > any of my languages. Maybe during the summer I can get someone to teach me. > > -David
As a stopgap you could upload plain text if need be. The browsers can cope with that. Then up grade the presentation as and when you can. Better to just put up the information where people can see it and give you feedback, than to dream of the perfect website that never quite happens. Keith Mylchreest