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Re: Interbeing

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 26, 2002, 21:39
David Peterson wrote:

> >> "The true poet will see the cloud in this paper. For without a >cloud there can be no rain, >and without rain, trees can't grow, and if trees can't grow, there >would be no paper. In this way, the paper and the cloud interare. >The word 'interbe' isn't a word you'll find in the dictionary, but I >think it should be, for just this purpose."
Besser spät als nie, je suppose. In Géarthnuns: Chí öls dhbirtel lü cha sönsat che ösíthseb hengetheb bö tel. Vaçte vau miçnakhalömsauv va söpsas, va fups la ba miçnakh kalokh, kfö vau miçnakhalömsauv va fupsas, vauk bumsaup la ba gaief kalokh. Vauk bumsaup la orha ba gaief haukalokh sho, fe ösígs íaüleg la hemiçnakh. Hengeveçö che ösíths zhö cha söns lüs shaugenöi. Ví hakfafs "shaugenöi"latöif la fí hakfafs, chílít seth lív chí hakfalígefrölsív zçírhef sho, nöi, arkfö sí la, gü síl la helkeveçö chö erubsöb hengeböb chnezeu rhad ba nöi haudaikh sho, övaz. chí the [6th declension, affirmative, singular] öls poet [6th decl., aff., nominative, sing.] dhbirtel genuine, true, real [6th decl., aff., nom., sing.] lü transcendent tense cha the [4th decl., aff., sing.] sönsat cloud [4th decl., aff., accusative, sing.] che the [7th decl., aff., sing.] ösíthseb paper [7th decl., aff., postpositional, sing.] hengetheb this [7th decl., aff., post., sing.] bö in tel see vaçte because vau the [2nd decl., negative, sing.] miçnakhalömsauv there.being [2nd decl., neg., locative, sing.] va the [4th decl., neg., sing.] söpsas cloud [4th decl., neg., genitive, sing.] fups rain [4th decl., neg., nom., sing.] la present tense ba verbal linker (like "to", "zu", "te", "att", etc.) miçnakh kalokh can kfö and (links verbs or clauses) fupsas rain [4th decl., neg., genitive, sing.] vauk the [2nd decl., neg., plural] bumsaup trees [2nd decl., neg., nom., pl.] gaief grow orha and, moreover (a connector which must immediately follow the auxiliary) haukalokh can, be able to [speculative mood] sho (marks the end of a subordinate clause; I liken it to the Japanese "to" or "-tte" of indirect discourse) fe a [7th decl., neg., sing.] ösígs paper [7th decl., neg., nom., sing.] íaüleg any [7th decl., neg., nom., sing.] (not absolutely necessary, but add emphasis) hemiçnakh [conclusive mood] hengeveçö thus, in this way zhö and (links nouns, adjectives, postpositional phrases, etc.) söns cloud [4th decl., aff., nom., sing.] lüs transcendent tense [reflexive voice] shaugenöi interbe (this is not a legit word; I tried to capture the quirkiness of the original. "nöi" means "be"; "shauge" implies a "completing" or "filling in". Extra quirkiness is added by making what should be an intransitive verb reflexive {they each other}. I think Géarthçins speakers would do a double-take similar to what "interbe" causes in me as an English speaker.) ví the [6th decl., neg., sing.] hakfafs word [6th decl., neg., nom., sing.] "shaugenöi"latöif interbe [6th decl., neg., nom., sing.] ("-latöib" is an adjectival ending normally reserved for words of foreign origin, but also used in constructions like this one; I liken it to the Japanese " iu kotoba wa" fí a [6th decl., neg., sing.] chílít which [6th decl., neg.,acc., sing.] seth he, she, it [7th decl., aff., sing.] lív future tense [impersonal mood] (the construction "seth l-v..." translates like French "on" or German "man") hakfalígefrölsív dictionary [6th decl., aff., loc., sing.] zçírhef find nöi be arkfö but (links verbs or clauses) sí I [aff., nom., sing.] gü that (subordinating conjunction) síl he, she, it [6th decl., aff., sing.] (referring back to "hakfals", "word") helkeveçö thus, in that way chö the [1st decl., aff., sing.] erubsöb purpose, aim, goal [1st decl., aff., post., sing.] hengeböb this [1st decl., aff., post., sing.] chnezeu exactly, precisely rhad for haudaikh ought to, have to, should [speculative mood] övaz think And tomorrow, a lengthier opus on "Circumcision". Fear not, o squeamish ones; it's not a medical treatise, but an excerpt translated from the Hungarian novel "A Körülmetélés". Tame stuff (so far). Kou


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