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Re: Translation

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Monday, February 19, 2001, 3:20
Oops. I accidentally sent this to Scott privately rather than the list.
Oops again.

"Scott W. Hlad" wrote:
> > Hello > > I have been looking through the archives for translation exercises to help > me further develop Teran. I see plenty of literature, but has any one ever > passed around something a bit more mundane such as a news item? > > Though I'm developing Teran to be a spoken and written language (i.e. to > have its own literature), I am often engrossed in the news. I live in > Canada. I can tune the radio and get the news in both French and English, > merely a twist of the dial. > > During the Quebec sovereignty referendum a few years ago, there were even > assertions that the things being reported in the French press weren't even > the same things being reported in the English press.
Hey-y-y-y. I'm in Canada too. Well, I don't know what's been translated, but that's what I'm doing now for Ajuk. For my Independent Enrichment Study at my school I'm going to develop Ajuk as it would be used by a community of speakers in Canada - thus, it would have more English loan words, and such. And part of what I'm going to have are translated newspaper and magazine articles, and such. It's a different style of writing than literature, and as such it could prove to be a good choice for another angle to approach your language from. -- Robert