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Re: Translation

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Monday, February 19, 2001, 6:32
I meant to send this over the list rather than only to Scott.  Is there
a setting problem here?

Am 02/18 20:02  Scott W. Hlad yscrifef:

> I have been looking through the archives for translation exercises to help > me further develop Teran. I see plenty of literature, but has any one ever > passed around something a bit more mundane such as a news item? >
Hello Scott, as far as I remember a news item has only been put forward once for translation, which was part of an article on Chinese political prisoners. That was several years ago. If you have something that you have in mind for a translation exercise then fork it up and we'll give it the once over. Nothing is too mundane! - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus Hey, these instructions are in three different languages... It starts in English, but then it goes into French and Spanish... It's hard to believe this model is for ages six and up... You have to be tri-lingual just to read the instructions... - Hobbs, Weirdos from Another Planet.


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