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Re: The Starlings Song in Sakatda Ka Kadomo.

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 6, 1999, 22:17 writes:
>What about borrowing the Valdyan words instead - how would they >change phonetically? The Valdyan *is* the original. Or is there a >reason for the *Jakautdok* (as opposed to *you*) to use an English >translation to translate from (i.e. are they people who have dealings >with English-speaking people on Earth, or in a fictional universe?)
They are a tribe in the Philippines that were just "discovered" by "westerners". This means, they have contacts with outsiders who are studying their culture and language (AKA Me =) ). They havent had their culture ruined by Missionaries (who are in fact banned from the Jakautdok territory).or westerners trying to make them "modern". They often borrow a a lot of foreign words now that they have come into contact with western linguists and anthropologists. However, since i am the one who has the most information about their language =), i am the one who translated the Srarlings song (But asked a Jakautdok friend about certain things, like does a heron do laundry, which he responded with a laugh =) ). I forgot the words in Valdyan, but if i remember correctly, they wouldn't be hard to pronounce for a Jakautdok. Although, they do like to change words so they don't sound like the original, unless they find the original word to be beautiful. ____________________________________________________________________ "Bailando en el fuego con un gran deseo" - India ____________________________________________________________________