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Re: relay participation

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Monday, May 19, 2003, 7:11
--- Iain E. Davis skrzypszy:

> I feel this way myself, which is why I haven't attempted to participate > in relays. It's bad enough I have to keep going back to texts I've > translated and kept and re-writing them because I tampered with the > grammar again. I'd feel weird see it on a relay-website and going > 'man, that is so wrong!' :)
Well, that happens to me too, but that is inevitable, because a language in development is bound to change. I think that is the case even for most of the highly developed languages. Of course, I experience the same feeling when I look at "old" translations into Wenedyk ("old" between parentheses, because I started the whole language less than a year ago). Even though I am quite conservative regarding established things, things change; the difference between the two Paternosters I sent to RomanceConlang, separated only by half a year or so, is quite huge. But what can we do? Not publish anything until the language has 30,000 words and you can write a book in it? Some people solve the problem by making the older version of a text either a dialect or an "older" form. While I have considered such approach, I decided not to go for it. And so, the older translations are invalid and represent nothing but a momentary recording from the language's development. BTW I enjoy comparing the current version of a text with the old version and witnessing the progress I have made. Jan