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Re: The Bitha overview

From:Larry Schelin <lschelin@...>
Date:Saturday, October 2, 1999, 3:19
> > > Thanks... I've only been working on it for about a week, so there's some > > big holes of missing grammar (like the pronouns, which I have worked out, > > but didn't include), numbers, etc. I was working on relative clauses today > > at work, I think I've almost got it worked out, I'll post it if you're > > intrested... > > Sure, that's what the list is for, after all! :-)
Cool... this is what I've worked out so far, it seemed to make sense to me, but I created it. Examples are easier than an explanation at this point, it's still kinda fuzzy in my brain. isha (noun- ball) ghethi (verb-throw) -ghai (relative suffix) ju (pronoun- I) -ith- (infix- about to) ishaghethighai The ball that is thrown m'ishaghethighai vith The ball that was thrown ju m'ishaghethighai vith The ball I threw ju mith'ishghethighai vish The ball I'm about to throw Does this make sense? Are there any large gaping holes in my idea so far? The other thing I was playing with at work today was a more specific usage of the time stamp system I had worked out. I'll give examples... dema bah vish ngidu ngi baidi dish itsiratsah dema (noun-hour) bah (number-1) vish (tense-future) ngidu (pronoun-she) ngi (tense marker-negative) baidi (verb-go) dish (tense marker-in one hour) itsira-(noun-home) -tsah(suffix, to) She's not going home in an hour. ngidu mi baidi dish itsiratsah She's going home in an hour (or less) ngidu mi baidi vish itsiratsah She's going home (at some future point) bimaghah ghengah vith ju mi gheth ishadzi bith zija. Bima-(noun-minute) -ghah (plural suffix-5 or more) ghengah (number- 15) vith (tense marker-past) ju (pronoun) mi (tense marker, present) ghengah (verb-throw) isha-(noun-ball) -dzi(prepositional suffix, at) bith (tense marker, 1 minute ago) zija (noun-dog) 15 min ago I threw the ball at the dog. Does this make sense (more or less) I kinda like the differences in meaning I got there. What do y'all think? Joe