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Mwashnylish Babel Text

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Sunday, September 30, 2001, 22:23
Whee.  I've shown some of yall bits and pieces of yon text here, but now
I've finished it and am unleashing it on an unsuspecting world.

Actually, this is kind of an "Intermediate stage" language.  The *real*
nightmarish monstrosity is yet to come.

Ai Daewa of Babel
/?@I "d&.w@ ?7f "pE.p@/

Aeh is doam, ai hul welt spulh won leikwuch, eant eifwaiwa yalr ai sim
/?&_k ?Is dOm @I hu w@\Ut spu_k w7n "le.k_wUtS ?E~t "?e.f_G@I.w@ j@U4 ?@I
sIm w@\.tis/

Eas baiba malvr fwom ai ais, i faent blin yn leant of Babylonai eant seirat
/?Es " m@Uv4 f_G7m ?@I ?@Is ?I f&~t blIn ?in lE~t ?7f pE.plu.n@I ?E~t
se.4@t ?eU/

I seit dal aiggora, "Leahs mih pwigys eant pig'am da-mig'am whar."
/?I set d@U @I."dZ7.4@ lE_ks mI_k "p_GI.gis ?E~t "pI.g@m d@".mI.g@m hw@4/

Sul i yaur pwigys ynsteir stulnys, eant dwa ynsteir mwulra.
/su ?I j@U4 "p_GI.gis ?i~."ste4 "stu.nis ?E~t d_w@ ?i~."ste4 "m_Gu.4@/

Ein i seit dal aiggora, "Leahs pylt syrai eant daewa fw-ouseilz, hals daub'a
waigg hoa ynta ai skoa.
/?en ?I set d@U @I."dZ7.4@ lE_ks piUt "si.4@i ?E~t "d&w@ f_Go."seUz h@Us
"dA.b@ w@IdZ hO "?i~.t@ ?@I skO/

Wai'l bgom fims.
/w@Iw bg7m fi~s/

Ein wai'l nauh pai skearat ulfa al ai ef."
/?en w@Iw nA_k p@I "skE.4@t "?u.f@ ?@U ?@I ?@\f/

Ai Lwult gim taen da-sai ai syrai eant ai daewa aeh ai baiba't pylh.
/?@I l_wut gIm t&n d@."s@I ?@I "si.4@I ?E~t ?@I "d&.w@ ?&_k ?@I "b@I.b@t

Ai Lwult seit, "Nae, aiz baibw'a yalnoaryt, al spaigy ai sim leikwuch.
/?@I l_wut set n& ?@Iz "b@I.b_G@ j@U."nO.4it ?@U " ?@I sIm

Is'az ulnlai ai pkyny of wah i'l tal.
/"?I.s@z "?u~l@I ?@I " ?7f w@_k ?Iw t@U/

I'l py-ipar tal einaify i wanh.
/?Iw "pjI.p@4 t@U " ?I w@~_k/

"Gom, leahs kul taen eant gomfyals eil leikwuch sul i'l nauh py-ipar
ontasteant aiggora."
/g7m lE_ks ku t&n ?E~t g7~."fj@Us ?eU "le.k_wUtS su ?Iw nA_k "pjI.p@4
?7~.t@."stE~t ?@I."dZ7.4@/

Sul ai Lwult skearat'am fwom eil ulfa al ai ef, eant i stauhd pylty ai
/su ?@I l_wut "skE.4@.t@m f_G7m ?eU "?u.f@ ?@U ?@I ?@\f ?E~t ?I stA_kd
"piU.ti ?@I "si.4@I/

Ai blis'az galt Babel syns aehs weil ai Lwult gomfyaur ai leikwuch of ai hul
/?@I "blI.s@z g@Ut "pE.p@ si~s ?&_ks weU ?@I l_wut g7~."fj@U4 ?@I "le.k_wUtS
?7f ?@I hu w@\Ut/

Sul ai Lwult gor-am da-spwear-aeh fwom eil ulfa ai hul welt.
/su ?@I l_wut "g7.4@m d@.sp_GE."4&_k f_G7m ?eU "?u.f@ ?@I hu w@\Ut/


I used the NCV as source text, and the grammar's changed very little.  That
and more drastic sound changes (and better word choice... 'goram' in the
last line keeps throwing me off) will probably happen in yon later stages.
I am unjustly proud of the orthography, as even with all those messy vowels
I didn't have to resort to a single diacritic.  (Y'all know how my other
langs have tended to look like spikefields of acuteys &c.)



Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>