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Re: Montreiano Numerals (was: Re: Judajca)

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Sunday, August 25, 2002, 4:21
--- Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...> wrote:
> CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU writes: > >Does Montrei have a Language Board to keep the > >language pure? > > So, yes, there is a language board that clarified > things and keeps the language "pure" (Montreiano > would rather borrow from Portuguese than > Spanish, but the common people generally borrow > whatever is popular and disregards " Que diçen eu > consexo de las poliças lingüísticas" (what the > board of linguistic police say).
Hm. I like their attitude! Kerno speakers tend to borrow whatever old word strikes their fancy as well. If you didn't know, the provincial Senate abolished the Language Boards on account of their ineffectual handling of their duties. [See News Page.] It was never their duty to keep the language pure of course, but rather to formulate a standard language. They couldn't agree on what letters should even be in the alphabet, to say nothing of what words should be kosher and which should be thrown out!
> (hmm, what would be the closest sound in say Spanish > to that Brithenig ll?)
Probably "ll"! It's a slithery sound formed by setting your tongue for an ell, closing off one cheek or the other and hissing through the resulting space. In Kerno, it's realised as a coarticulation of [h] and [l]. Similar, but distinguishable. Along with some peculiar vowels, Kerno's [hl] is one of the factors that mark a native Kerno speaker in the ears of a native Brithenig speaker. And vice versa, to be sure. [See "Left and Right Realisationes of the Welsche LL in the Standard Diallecte", 1998, Univ. of Oxford Press.] Padraic. ===== caycay sahomtan-he: tacati-ma; palemtar sharas-to-he // ai ica zeter, oud da horistanter ‘l via su; sue ica wakoner ‘l via, oud da horisanter ‘l thaon // ptossum ozrcîr mpîw : tcan-i-hatlecîr vlesruma hhtoccrc-hopt tplann-i-s-oettrîm ruu mpîw // pandreynaayso | wakuneinesi rou-eim tiogpan sacanana rûlalaytawsan || mas | antehon rououro waukun! __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance - Get real-time stock quotes