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Re: Montreiano Numerals (was: Re: Judajca)

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, August 25, 2002, 5:41
>Hm. I like their attitude! Kerno speakers tend to >borrow whatever old word strikes their fancy as well.
Same here, they really dislike being told what to do by the "authorities", and it's probably something that stems from having to fight for their own country. Currently, Brithenig words are in vogue, as are Portuguese, and Italian. Although, I'm sure Brithenig speakers cringe at the sound of how they are spoken in Montrei :).
> > >If you didn't know, the provincial Senate abolished >the Language Boards on account of their ineffectual >handling of their duties. [See News Page.] It was >never their duty to keep the language pure of course, >but rather to formulate a standard language. They >couldn't agree on what letters should even be in the >alphabet, to say nothing of what words should be >kosher and which should be thrown out!
Sounds typical of most "Boards". In Montrei the board tends to work well together and communicate, but they are so insistent on "native" words or deriving new ones from Latin, that they come across as pompous, pedantic bastards who care more about preserving the language than focusing on how everyone else actually uses it. One of their accomplishments that is a good thing is the standardization of the written language. They also did a very un-Romance-like (well, at least ibero-romance) thing and used h to represent /h/ (since it was removed everywhere, as i said in the last post)!
But, by and large they often bicker amongs each other on new words, and make such slow progress that the populace sees them as a waste of time, and taxes that could be spent on such things as a new bypass in San Migueu Canyon (a dangerous stretch of Eu Camino Reau (Royal Road), called colloquially "Vau de Sangre" (Blood Valley))
> >> (hmm, what would be the closest sound in say Spanish >> to that Brithenig ll?) > >Probably "ll"! It's a slithery sound formed by setting >your tongue for an ell, closing off one cheek or the >other and hissing through the resulting space. In >Kerno, it's realised as a coarticulation of [h] and >[l]. Similar, but distinguishable. Along with some >peculiar vowels, Kerno's [hl] is one of the factors >that mark a native Kerno speaker in the ears of a >native Brithenig speaker. And vice versa, to be sure.
Hmm, that's a very strange sound for me to make and hear! /l_j/ does come very close, and i think that Montreiano would keep the spelling as "ll" (since that's what ll is in SPanish of course, and also since it doesnt exist in Montreiano (/l_j/ was changed to /w_j/ within words: gallus > gallo > gauio, and /j/ initially: clamare > llamar > iamar) All of this conculturing is really helping me to settle a lot of little things I hadn't tied up :).
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