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Re: Montreiano Numerals (was: Re: Judajca)

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Sunday, August 25, 2002, 23:26
--- Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...> wrote:

> Currently, Brithenig words are in vogue, as > are Portuguese, and > Italian. Although, I'm sure Brithenig speakers > cringe at the sound of how > they are spoken in Montrei :).
Do tell!
> One of their [the Boards'] accomplishments that is a > good thing is the standardization > of the written language.
They certainly did what the Dumnonian boards couldn't accomplish. They managed to spend 125 years or so convincing everyone of their ineffectuality. Padraic. ===== caycay sahomtan-he: tacati-ma; palemtar sharas-to-he // ai ica zeter, oud da horistanter ‘l via su; sue ica wakoner ‘l via, oud da horisanter ‘l thaon // ptossum ozrcîr mpîw : tcan-i-hatlecîr vlesruma hhtoccrc-hopt tplann-i-s-oettrîm ruu mpîw // pandreynaayso | wakuneinesi rou-eim tiogpan sacanana rûlalaytawsan || mas | antehon rououro waukun! __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance - Get real-time stock quotes