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Re: [CONLANG] Re: Re: Láadan

From:Davis, Iain E. <feaelin@...>
Date:Monday, December 2, 2002, 19:39
> -----Original Message----- > From: Roger Mills [mailto:romilly@EGL.NET]
> >ashon love for one who is not related by blood but is heart-kin > > No > What's wrong with plain old "love" or "affection"
Because there is nothing plain, or simple, about love, affection, or any other emotion, for that matter. And english usage seems to reflect this, since we have word pairs to convey it, "platonic love", "sexual love", "brotherly love", "romantic love" etc. The sense conveyed here is a familiar one, since I survived one of those social periods where many of us "adopted" other members of our college community. We would declare someone to be a "surrogate ____" where the blank was filled in by whatever word fit best: mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc. A godmother could also potentially be a target of "ashon". In a sense, "love" takes on a different flavor with every relationship, so you could easily define hundreds of words to deal with each relationship, I suspect though that a large number of them would get "grouped" and would reduce the vocabulary to a narrow set of words. One of the first things my friends noticed about my first conlang is that it ended up with three different words for "love". By accident, rather than design. They were quick to comment on this. :)