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Re: Roots (was: T-Shirt)

From:Jim Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Monday, September 25, 2000, 23:19
Shéri sholín pé kamsaavá (Concerning languages on shirts):

Although I hesitate to enter this fray, I feel that if perhaps we concentrate
on the "classicity" of the "con-auxlangs" we include instead of emphasizing
whether or not we support their claims to superiority we might be able to
find common ground.

Esperanto was very important to me at one time because I enjoyed it as a
language and was fascinated that it was a constructed language.  Along with
the conlanging of Tolkien it had a great influence on my linguaforming hobby.
 Along with a few others that were truly ground-breaking in the early days of
linguaforming, I feel that they could be safely included.

But if need be to eliminate Esperanto I would have no objection although I
would consider it sad.

"Tá Muúd meytlanyára.  Tá sintinisovó taleayára!"
(Unity is powerful.  It iluminates the stars!)

Jim H