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Roots (was: T-Shirt)

From:Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Monday, September 25, 2000, 19:22
At 11:23 pm -0500 24/9/00, Carlos Thompson wrote:
>Jörg Rhiemeier wrote: > >> Very true; on the other hand, excluding Tolkien would mean cutting >> off our own roots! So put Quenya and Sindarin on the t-shirt, but >> not Esperanto. > >But my roots are Esperanto. (even if I'm not an auxlanger... and I >haven't read Tolkien yet)
Yes, and Esperanto was the first conlang I encountered, long years ago at the tender age of 11. Although I had devised one conlang before that, it did give the impetus to construct a few dozen others - including the odd artlang or two - during my teens, well before I had ever come across Tolkien. I'm sure Esperanto has been the starting point for others in this odd hobby of ours - which is why I'm sad we seem to have to exclude it. Oh, a plague on talpoj and eurocloniacs! Ray. ========================================= A mind which thinks at its own expense will always interfere with language. [J.G. Hamann 1760] =========================================