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Re: Teliya Nevashi Grammar beginnings

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Saturday, July 28, 2007, 12:41
>Michael Poxon <mike@...> wrote:
>On that subject, do any of your concultures have names for >constellations that are different from traditional ones?
star = steres constellation = sternos galaxy = sterijos, -ijos is the collective suffix. In the beginning, when the mages began to study the heavens, they laid out 12 houses on the eliptic, six major and six minor. I doubt that the "pictures" they saw in the heavens were any closer to reality than they are today. Major Houses: Minor Houses: 1. mark markes (pegasus) 1. falcon nilhootsorles 2. ostrich jaanes 2. lute kurtos 3. unicorn idzes 3. syrinx nedos 4. horse etswes 4. sword eensos 5. squirrel mhimheres 5. cup peelnos 6. argali omhes 6. battle-axe agwesos Today, of course, the names of the Greek zodiac houses have been translated into Senjecas. Aries = mhreenes (ram) Taurus = steures (bull) Gemini = jemues (twins) Cancer = dentsekiites (pincers + shellfish) Leo = sinqes (Panthera leo spelaea) Virgo = ii-n-jevathus (female + not + had sex) Libra = teluros (scales, balance) Scorpio = awdes (scorpion) Sagittarius = arkwus (archer) Capricorn = jhades (goat) Aquarius = amhdethleejus (water carrier) Pisces = piskes Charlie


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