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Surrogate Weekly Vocab

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Friday, December 19, 2003, 21:12
It's been more than a week since the last official edition, and
I'm bored right now...  so here goes.  Sorry if I repeat words
we've had before.  Brought to you by the letter l and adverbials.

1) light
    In winter, we get so little sunlight around here that most
    people suffer from a light case of depression, which shouldn't
    be taken lightly.

2) last
    My last old shoes have lasted long, but I've bought a new pair
    at last.

3) left
    Once you've left the tunnel, you'll have only little time left
    to reach the building to your left.

4) lean
    Leaning against a tree, the jogger stretches her lean calves.

5) long
    Before long, I will be longing for an even longer vacation.

6) love
    Were it not for my shyness, I'd love to confess my love to
    the love of my life.

7) line
    Though my grandmother liked the poem, she found the line
    about a clothesline lined with lingerie out of line.

Hmpf, I can't think of any more double uses...

8) laugh
    Laugh, or be laughed at.

9) lump
    When I have a lump in my throat, I drink a cup of ginger
    tea with three lumps of sugar.

And to perpetuate Christopher Wright's tradition...
consider it optional, though.  =P

10) lung
    After the king's men had torn my house down, burned my
    crops, taught my children dirty words, and stuck a
    fencepole through my chest, I found the wheezing noise
    the hole in my lungs made when I played the tuba mildly

-- Christian Thalmann


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