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Re: OT: Piraha

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 17:08
Paul Roser wrote:

> Piraha is certainly an interesting language. For more on the language and > the controversy surrounding it -- > > Jeffrey Pullum's languagelog has several entries discussing Piraha, > including: > > > > > > (the last one includes discussion about the current debate over this > language) > > Everett's paper for Current Anthropology with comments from a number of > linguists as well as Everett's response is available at: > > > > Suzette Haden Elgin (linguist/scifi writer/conlanger) comments on her > blog: > > >
I haven't read it yet, but the Apr. 16 issue of the New Yorker also has an article, "The Interpreter" by one Joseph Colapinto. Some nice photos too. has only the current issue (Apr.23); maybe some of you can figure out if previous issues are also available.


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