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Re: OT: Piraha

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 9:54
IMHO The Pirahã prove the reverse of the Whorf theory, viz.
that culture and thought shape language, and not the other
way around!


Haggen Kennedy skrev:
> I'm sorry. > > And hello all. :-) Now, I know this is not your ordinary e-mail > opening, but I just had to start it like that. I know this has been > discussed to utter exhaustion on this list over the past years, but > well... recently, VEJA (a well-known Brazilian magazine) published a > story on the Pirahãs - actually it's supposed to come out tomorrow, on > April 18th, but since I'm a subscriber they send out issues earlier. For > those of you interested (if you have researched on the language or on > the tribe already, there is probably nothing really new to see), I have > translated the story (Portuguese > English) and uploaded it for all to > see (after all, it _is_ interesting - and quite hard to conceive, at > times). > > I'm sending this to the list because, although off-topic (it's not a > conlang, after all) lots of people were very skeptical, to the point > where they could not even believe such a language existed (no offense > intended here, obviously). All I'm saying is I thought it'd be > interesting to share the information with everyone. :-) > > This is the URL: > > > > And that's pretty much it. > > Peace, > Ken :-) > > >