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Re: OT: pronunciation question

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 2, 2003, 0:26
Remi Villatel wrote:
> > YAFPT! Yet Another French Pronounciation Thread! ;-) > > I'm french and I can't hear the difference between [E~] and [9~]. Maybe > because of my local accent? And I'll never use "brun" to talk about shit
> "marron" [maRO~]. "Brun" is used only to describe hair and skin. (YMMV) In > my mouth, "un brin brun" sounds [E~ bRE~ bRE~] and a bit silly. ;-) I > think that French keeps on evolving and some differences disappear, like
> vs. [A] and [E~] vs. [9~]. >
Christophe has also testified regarding the two last mentioned changes. Certainly my vintage 1920s grammar book distinguishes them; and when I was in France in the 50s, I took great pains to distinguish them, though seldom successfully, since my friend did not tell me "say [E] and round your lips, dummy; you talk thru your nose anyway so don't worry about the nasalization".


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