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Re: names in conlangs

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Thursday, June 8, 2006, 10:34
Citerar veritosproject@GMAIL.COM:

> how do you g*s do names in your langs?
Tairezan names are personal name+family name. Foreign names are usually left alone in this respect, but of course commonly mispronounced horribly. What you usually get is a transcription into the maidzhen klaish (the letters Tairezazh is written in), which then gets pronounced as if it were a Tairezazh word. The alphabet contains a number of letters and diacritics that aren't used when writing native Tairezazh words, but may occur in foreign names; most of these are just ignored in Tairezazh ponunciation, others get pronounced like other letters according to traditional rules. Tradition also demands that the |i| and |u| letters when endowed with length markers get pronounced as [ei] and [ou], mimicking the historical development within Tairezazh itself. My name would become _Andreas Johanson_ ['andrEas 'OansOn], |j| and |h| being silent characters that are used to write [j] and [h] in other languages using the maidzhen klaish. Meghean-speakers just have a single, personal name. Foreign names are haphazardly bashed into conformance with Meghean phonetics, and then spelt accordingly. Since Meghean spelling often allows several ways of writing the same sound, variant spellings of foreign names abound. When needing to distinguish bearers of the same name, recourse is taken to occupation, notable physical traits, place of residence, etc. In the case of princely personages, the genitive of their principatility is usually added. Chances are, they'd refer to the current American president as _Georgebuche Ameirica_ ['dZordzebuSe a'mejrika] "Georgebush of America", a president being a kind of prince as far as they're concerned. Then again, _Dubea_ [dubja] sounds more like a Meghean name ... _Georgebuche_ could incidentally just as well be spelt _Deordebuse_ - it'd be pronounced the same. Andreas


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