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Re: Translation (was: Introducing Lapsi)

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Sunday, November 11, 2001, 2:37
 << From the cities came the teachers and the doctors, to speak to the
> > people > >> in one voice of their new world.' >>
In Silidnion ahwilinto i leinde saryandeimma ka i maryalim ina puriello i nimanu eno puryavi onornearissea is. /a`hwi:lInto i `le:nde sar`ja:ndem:a ka i mar`ja:lIm `i:na puri`E:Lo i ni`ma:nu `E:no pur`ja:vi onorne`a:risea `i:s./ a-hwil-i-nto i leindo-i saryando-i-mma ka i P=come=P-3rdp DA teacher=PL doctor=PL-comm from DA mar-ya-lim ina pur-iello i nima-nu city=PL-abl in-order-to speak=INF DA people=DAT eno purya-vi onorne-ari-ssea is one voice=LOC world=GEN-their new ELLIOTT


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