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Translation (was: Introducing Lapsi) Vyh

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, November 24, 2001, 9:10
A bit late in my reply, sorry, but here's the
translation in Vya:a:h for anyone kind enough to show
interest!  :)

<< From the cities came the teachers and the doctors,
to speak to the people in one voice of their new

Vy'a:a:hsy-yyiuusd shenloedj-L yyipuha:a:L
yyuu-shLnvy'yy-kje, voe'gkjauxpyynkLdj'uusL
rrhaux'tauxlv voe'lhaagarrhdj L voe'djaogarrhdj L.

One+(voice)+( Enclave+the+to
(excessive.speak.[purpose]) their+new+world+regarding,
([pluralizer]+city+the+from) ([past]+come.3pl)
([pluralizer]+doctor+the) (*)
([pluralizer]+teacher+the (*)].

(*) means that "and" here must be repeated twice

"To speak elaborately about their new world to the
Enclave (ie, Vya:a:hn People), from the cities came
the doctors and the teachers."

Vy'a:a:hsy-yyiuusd :
  vy      - one
  a:a:h   - language
  sy      - sound
  a:a:hsy - voice (*in the context)
  yyi     - through, over, excessive
  +uusd   - in (physical location)
  yyiuusd - in (by means of, non-physical usage)

SHenloedj-L :
  shenloe   - enclave, group of people
  shenloedj - the Enclave (ie, the Vya:a:hn People)
  L         - to (indirect obj. indicator)

YYipuha:a:L :
  yyi     - through, over, excessive
  puh     - (to) speak
  yyipuh  - (to) speak (excessively or in detail)
  a:a:L   - [purpose] (colloq. form of _tam_)

YYuu-shLnvy'yy-kje :
  yyuu    - their (*commonly omitted)
  shLn    - new (*cognate to Jpn. _shin_)
  vy'yy   - world (*lit. "oneness" - ie, unity)
  kje     - regarding

Voe'gkjauxpyynkLdj-uusL :
  voe          - [pluralizer] (*commonly omitted)
  gkjauxpyynkL - city (*cognate to Fin. _kaupunki_)
  +dj          - []
  +uusL        - from (physical location)

RRHaux'tauxlv :
  rrhaux - [past tense indicator]
  tauxl  - (to) come
  +v     - [3pl indicator]

Voe'lhaagarrhdj :
  voe       - [pluralizer] (*commonly omitted]
  lhaa      - general medicine
  +garrh    - [doer of a profession]
  lhaagarrh - doctor (*any sort of 'doctor')
  +dj       - []

DJaogarrhdj :
  djao      - pupil
  +garrh    - [doer of a profession]
  +dj       - []

L ... L :
  L - [can mean "and" but also "but, from, to" and a
      plethora of other meanings, so to indicate this
      is a conjunction of subjects, it must be re-
      iterated -- once after each subject]

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