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Re: Intergermansk - Pizza packaging text :D

From:Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Sunday, January 30, 2005, 14:58
On 30 Jan 2005, at 10.16 am, Pascal A. Kramm wrote:

> I got the idea while eating pizza (Dr. Oetker Ristorante Speciale): > How about if I submit my lang to an acid test and see how well it can > translate a real-world example text? :D > > So here is the translation of the text on the pizza packaging, see for > yourself how much of it you can understand:
This one was much harder to understand, it looks very German (even though some of it clearly isn't), though I suppose a German-speaker would disagree :) (Fjern plast, for instance---plast might be plastic, but fjern I have no idea about.)
> Richlig topte med käs, salami, champinjons och shink on krisp, dinn > boden.
Your English translation has 'champignons'. I thought that was the French word for mushrooms; do these differ from mushrooms somehow?
> > Tillbereiding > ------------- > 1. Forwarm oven > Elektro-oven: 220-230°C > Warmluft: 200°C > Gas: 4-5
I'm afraid I don't get this one. What's the 4-5? Short for 400--500 degrees F? Gas ovens down under are always marked in the temperature appropriate for when it was made (i.e. anything after the mid-to-late-70s or whenever we metricated are in celsius, but if you have a really ancient thing like my sister's it's in fahrenheit). -- Tristan.


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