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dwèshan phonology

From:Jesse Raccio <jraja0722@...>
Date:Thursday, March 21, 2002, 5:24
Well here I go, I picked a large phonology mostly
becuase there have been so many sounds I have been
interested in, I could just could'nt pass them up.  As
a novice please excuss me if there are some things
that are not clear.  Phonology is truly my weakest
area.  I am sure that this does not conform to the
X-SAMPA stuff, sorry.

h (hw) -  /h/, /h_w/
th     -  /T/
s (sw) -  /s/, /s_w/
sh     -  /S/
c (cw) -  /C/, /c_w/
z      -  /z/
j      -  /Z/
t      -  /t]/  (postalv, stop)
k (q)  -  /k/, /k_w/
d (dw) -  /d]/, /d]_w/  (postalv, stop)
g (gw) -  /g/, /g_w/
f      -  /f/
v      -  /v/
p      -  /p/
n      -  /n]/  (postalv)
m      -  /m/
l      -  /l/
r      -  /r/, /r\/
y      -  /y/

i  -  front close /i/
u  -  back close  /u/
e  -  mid front close /e/
e` -  mid front open  /E/
a  -  front open      /a/

/@/ and /i:/(?) are formed only in special

The script is syllabic alphabetic and represents all
the sounds save the special case vowels above.

A syllable can be (C)(C)V(V)(C),
however, it is rarely found at its fullest extent. The
more common syllables are CV(C).

CrV /r/ becomes retroflexive
CVyn or CVyl the y becomes /@/
in this if the vowel is /a/ it becomes /i:/

That is all for the moment, I am sure more will reveal
itself as I continue.  Would appreciate comments and
constructive critisism.  Especially correction of my
representation of the IPA stuff.


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