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Shrislia Sea Chantey - "Aurenit Zleteind" (Aboard the Aureni)

From:Matt McLauchlin <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 6:05
R'ðeürd ñuijar bezajan ocmoctard begendag
Glej'paldas dectait blactecard, asirair iétsirag
Ia Ikusato no'Kintás kiedo ctricpos staar
Ju pejáuar ia ñuijan, nizau pajait cajas riard

Opsear lyec'troin zlet Aureni zicas Ða'sirim;
Srit nubjot, ézira, iajan aiit anet'riim,
Tas cetruim Amusbegat ñacnalicind arimic
Ju Glej'pald Máselsec, ops,  ju nize'r'opseiand pij!

Aurenit zleteind,
Ju karard dectoat,
Aurenit zleteind,
Ju subjam blactecamuj gos,
Aurenit zleteind, e!

Ateru-Droipat jekabind, iar zicam ébstosai
Úiaractain leijam k'pagutam diamoakait
"Amuspegan tueb masok; becam ebnac is,
Ju glejacta r'ébstosaband k'tuam becan, ipðo ris!"

Sek dasi iam Máselsec, "Tuiard ster'tiote!
Elirte nas Aureni-zles ju tuiard saijete -
Ian aicte zicam, streba ia; aks, za tanat'kur?"
Dasii "Sterte, oibzte kabat, drig'iuk saður!"

Aurenit zleteind,
"K'ster'tiot, dasi aks!"
Aurenit zleteind,
"Jis Rarem Mañes kijasac,"
Aurenit zleteind, e!

Sek páriksi Bobiensac, ju kaii iajam car
"Elirte becas zles, ju bota kraijainaks iar;
Iajar Máselen tuasac, dajte ialain got!"
Dasii, "Tiou eucain zent, t'craiam buas mot!"

K'soskind obin jerimi, ju iajan anet'ri,
Piur jis ðo eucain, ézira, Aurenir gujam tii,
Jis kasar somi gujan, ju zijanard saijisi
K'dririm césuam adurd ða'sirimat, aiinma ciim.

Aurenit zleteind,
Eucam t'ejenuj tiimi
Aurenit zleteind
Guj t'saijin sðajat zroïm tat,
Aurenit zleteind, e!

Ðoc'glejactajar blactecagar kaiagaruj lain
Ris ipðo lyosis mu Aureni'zle'aiactais kaim
Pij'nizau gujas ðatat staïs euca r'jeribind
Aiactair konard ñorcarduj t'darat botabind

Aurenit zleteind,
Ciuðo ipuj pickam ðat
Aurenit zleteind,
Is'bezajaaks p'iétsiram
Aurenit zleteind, e!


The pompous clothes that fops wear get compared;
Folks laugh about colonels*' haughty mantles*;
I am Ikusato, son of Kintás, nephew to the duke*,
and I scorn fops with jewels in their hair.*

 I hold command of the ship Aureni from the Nightfall Shore*;
On the third day of Nubjo*, friends, we sailed away,
From there to the fort at Amusbeg* we would go at all speed,
With Colonel Másel, his family, and his bejewelled hair!

Aboard the Aureni,
With that bright mantle,
Aboard the Aureni,
With his blustering* and pomp,
Aboard the Aureni, hey!

North of Shoulder Point*, to the shore I sent
Scouts to ask the folk about what lay ahead;
"Amusbeg has already been taken; the same will come to you,
And soldiers sent to take you,  fifty of them!"

Then Colonel Másel said to me, "Surrender immediately!
Get out of your* ship Aureni and flee immediately -
Let me go to the shore, I implore; dammit, do you want to die?"
I said, "Get lost, go below decks; the voyage must continue!"

Aboard the Aureni,
"To surrender I say, fuck that!"
Aboard the Aureni,
"I will fight as far as Mother's Arm,*"
Aboard the Aureni, hey!

Then Colonel Bobie approached, and he shouted to me,
"Leave your* ship, and I promise (that there will be) no danger;
We have taken Másel; avoid tears on his behalf!"
I said, "I will give you only bullets, to scream in your ear!"

We fired while weighing anchor and we got underway,
But no more than ten bullets, friends, the Aureni gave them.
Until the thing bored them, and they bravely fled;
To reach home before nightfall, we hoisted all sails.

Aboard the Aureni,
Bullets and cheers we sent,
Aboard the Aureni,
We saw them there fleeing through the trees,
Aboard the Aureni, hey!

Generals put on airs and shout prayers;
Fifty of them ran from the shouts of nine sailors from the ship Aureni;
Their hair jewels that day were bullets shot
By poor and wet sailors who swore to stay -

Aboard the Aureni,
For seventy-five pishka* a day,
Aboard the Aureni,
No uniforms to laugh about,
Aboard the Aureni, hey!



This song recounts a battle during the Great Revolt that eventually toppled
the tyrant Elíksio and installed his aunt Pásipe as queen, causing the birth
of democracy and the beginning of the modern age for Shrislyaria. Troops
raised by the duke of Bentran, the duchy occupying the western half of
Itcésua Island and supporting Lady Pásipe, were fighting forces from the
adjacent duchy of Ñapólat, loyal to Elíksio.

*colonels: the actual word means "lord of swords".
*mantles: the decto, a formal garment like a bishop's maniple.
*duke: the duke of Bentran, supporting Lady Pásipe.
*jewels in their hair: an affected fashion of the rich and stylish at the
*Nightfall Shore: a port in the bay of Mother's Arm, on the Metrilic Ocean.
*Nubjo: fourteenth month of the Shrislia calendar.
*Amusbeg: a fort on the ocean shore northeast of Nightfall Shore.
*Shoulder Point: the point to the north of the mouth of Mother's Arm Bay.
*your: Másel uses the informal pronoun here.
*Mother's Arm: a large city on the bay by the same name, beyond Nightfall
*your: Bobie uses the plural formal pronoun here.
*75 pishka: or one and a half ísika, not a lordly daily wage even then.


OK, I confess. The song isn't original; it's largely adapted from Stan
Rogers' "The Nancy;" it even has the same rhythm and can be sung to the same
tune. But I thought it was cool anyway. :)

Matt McLauchlin
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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