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From:Daniel J. O'Neil <oneild@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 16, 1998, 6:06
Dear Joshua,

I'd like to suggest what I view as an important addition to your natlang
list, having lived and worked in this delightful country for two years
as a Peace Corps Volunteer:

Slovak Republic (separated from Czechoslovakia in 1993)
country name: Slovenska' republika ('=3D acute)
national language: slovenc^ina (^=3D hachek)
NB: Slovak is the official language, but Hungarian is widely spoken in
Southern Slovakia. There is also a sizable Roma ("gypsy") population.
Until the ethnic ravages and dislocations of WWII, Slovak, Czech,
German, Hungarian, Yiddish, Romany, and Ruthenian were all spoken in
Slovak territory.
Slovak person: slova'k (m), slovenka (f)
Slovak (adj): slovensky' (m), slovenska' (f), slovenske' (n)
pronunciation: the accent in Slovak always falls on the first syllable.
orthography: Czech was used as a literary language in Slovakia until the
19th century, when L'udovit S^tu'r definitively codified Slovak as a
written language.
etymology: The word "Slovak" is derived from the word for "Slavic"
(slovensky'=Slovak; slovansky'=Slavic). Slovak and Czech are distinct
but mutually intelligible languages. Slovak also has a close affinity to
Polish. According to the Slovaks themselves, Slovak is a good first
language from which to learn other Slavic languages such as Polish,
Serbian, and Russian.

Daniel J. O'Neil
M.S. Technical Communication
Instructor, Writing to the World Wide Web
Developer, Academy of Electronic Media
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute