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Word Similarity

From:Garrett <alkaline@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 16, 1998, 4:58
Yet another post about Malat :) Anyhoo here is my dilemma: should I make
words with similar meaning have similar consonants/sounds, or should i make
them all very different from each other? If words similar in meaning were
similar to each other, would that help learning or hurt it (opposite of
what's intended)? For example, the words having to do with posession:

to own: z-d
have: s-d
hold: f-d
give: cf-d
take: sf-d
collect: st-d
distribute: ct-d
inalienable possession: c-d
exchange: m-d
pay: sm-d
sell: cm-d
buy: hm-d
charge: fm-d

How far out in meaning should i go before switching to a new basic root?
Tell me what you think. On a side note, here are the vowel sounds I think
correspond to what I want:

r - /r=/
w - /V/ or /U/
u - /u/
o - /o/
a - /a/
e - /E/
i - /I/

Thanks for all your help :)
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-Garrett Jones aka Alkaline
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