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Re: Celtic, semitic, etc.

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, April 27, 2000, 21:54
>I know - and misguided it is. It is obvious to any impartial observer >that >all the peoples who claim Celtic descent cannot all be descended from one >& >the same ancient people. It's quite clear to me that just as in the >modern >world peoples of many quite different races, cultural groups etc speak >English, so way back in ancient Britain & elswhere the peoples speaking >"Celtic languages" & sharing the so-called "Celtic culture" were not all >descended from the same common stock. >
Most "Neo-Celts" I know identify primarily with the Irish, even if they are of mixed European ancestry. I dont think that the ones I know even think there are Celts in Wales or they think the Scottish are the same as the Irish. Some probably don't even know about the Bretons either.They tend to take their cultural influences/references from Irish culture, and disregard the other Celtic groups, like the Welsh, Scottish, Bretons, etc. Many tend to be Wiccan (Not that there is anything wrong with Wicca ;)).
> >Oh dear - the poor Basques. Is there, I wonder, any language (apart from >conlangs) to which some crank has not found a relationship with Basque. >IIRC there's even a web-site where some guy purports to show that all the >earths languages are descended from Basque <groan>
Hah Edo Nyland. I've come across his pages. He seems to take the "What's not there, i'll make up by convoluted reasoning" approach
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