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Re: Celtic, semitic, etc.

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 14:11
Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...> wrote:

>>>Are we talking about the Patagonia in South America? >> >>Yes--there was, IIRC, a Welsh colony there. > >There most certainly was. It was originally (semi-)independent; but later >became part of hispanophone Argentina.
It's worth noting that by that time Argentina was basically north Buenos Aires plus what was north of it; the rest (the Pampa and the Patagonia) were called "the Desert" (meaning it was not inhabited by people of European descent, but by Indians). I was wondering what status the Welsh colony had, and how they got along with the natives, since the Argentine government centered in Buenos Aires could not care less about the south (the Patagonia has only two abundant resources: space for sheep to pasture, and oil -- which was not discovered until the end of the XIX century). Later I did a search about this and found a nice article: where it says that the natives were actually friendly and many ended up learning Welsh (!). The Welsh community is alive and well in Patagonia, it seems, as well the language (I also ran into a guest house [Gwesty Tywi] in the town of Gaiman, with a welcome page in Welsh and a red dragon and all) and the customs (they have eistedfoddau in Welsh and Spanish and so on). --Pablo Flores "... When all men on earth think, day and night, about the Zahir, which one will be a dream and which one a reality?" Jorge Luis Borges, _The Zahir_