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Re: Celtic, semitic, etc.

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, April 28, 2000, 8:50
>That, I think, must be a north American development - I've not met it this >side of the pond.
Well, the ones I know lead very sheltered lives. Mostly the neo-celtic influence is in irish arts, bits of vocabulary, and celtic knot patterns for tattoos. However, others have taken the time out to learn about the culture (the ones who dont are those I have heard called "Culture Vultures")
> > > >...even tho the Welsh language has official status in Wales & is more >widely used than Irish? Even tho the Bretons form the largest >Celtic-speaking group?
As I said, the ones I know are pretty sheltered. I think they think of Welsh as welsh, and Gaelic/celtic as Irish. I'd have to ask, but i'm not sure if any of them even know that there still are Celts on the mainland.
> > > > > Oh - but Wiccan is of Germanic origin, surely. Ireland was anciently the >land of Saints & Scholars. And the modern Irish tend to be over-zealous >about their form of Christianity - either 'more Catholic than the Pope' >or, >donning bowler hats [darbies, I believed they're called in the US - the >things Laurel & Hardy wore] during the "Marching Season" (which begins on >Easter Monday), assert their Protestantism in all its 'purity'. Perhaps >these Wiccans should actually settle in Ireland, it might give the native >Irish something to unite about at last :)
LOL. Most of the "Wiccans" (to distinguish them from the ones who do know the history, origin, etc) i knew in HS were the types who got into it just to belong to something non mainstream. They also called themselves pagan, which they seemed to mean those who are wiccan (not sure if they realized that other pagans wouldn't necessarily want to be grouped with them) . Many claim they are continuing the traditions from pre-Christian Europe. To me, it seemed as if they got into Wicca just because they wanted to rebel, or be a part of a group, when other groups excluded them (two were very anger filled). Oh and i'm sure they would have such a culture shock if they saw how much modern Irish are into Christianity. Although they'd think it was a travesty because of evil saint pat driving the pagans out of ireland (this was what they said, honest). hehe great post Ray ;). Oh and I think the spelling is Derby, but I prefer Bowler ________________________________________________ The rattan basket criticizes the palm leaf basket, still both are full of holes.