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War and death in Lyanjen

From:Matt M. <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Monday, June 11, 2001, 5:46
> "Behold! From Hell's dark sisterhood am I, and War and Death are in my
hand!" This makes no sense in Shrislia culture, but it's still a cool sentence, so here goes. -- Iáu! Asireoras socard Inpernos ia staar, ju Kij Tanatuj staag izat ias! /i'aw as' 'soS.ard in'per.nos 'i.a ' Zu kiZ ta'nat.uZ ' ' ' -- iáu: behold, lo, look, forsooth, here is: akin to E-o "jen". asireoras: asir = sibling, -e = female suffix, -or = group suffix, -as = genitive. socard: soc = be dark; -ard = present indefinite (general description) participle. Inpernos: No concept for "hell". Also no dental fricatives. -s = genitive. ia: first person singular nominative. staar: sta = to be (copula). -ar = 3rd person singular present indefinite. ju: and. kij: war. tanatuj: tanat = death; -uj = "and" clitic (used only for parallel words, not phrases). staag: sta = to be; -ag = 3rd person plural present simple (used to describe ephemeral state or event.) izat: iz = hand, -at = locative. ias: first person singular genitive. Matt