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Carashán2.0 - a sample text

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Monday, June 11, 2001, 9:28
En réponse à Dan Jones <feuchard@...>:

> Yes, Dan the French musicals freak strikes again- this time with the > Carashán translation of "Le Temps Des Cathédrales" from Notre Dame de > Paris: >
We've had "Ali Baba", "Les Dix Commandements", and right now "Roméo et Juliette" this year. When will we see their translations in Carashán? :)))
> Carashán: > Acest'es un ouito cu'a per jounya, > Parei la bella, nell'ênno Duevui > Mille cuetro seito oitata duo > Ouito de caima a d'êveaco. > > Noa los lueitores ainomitos > Deu meyato o de la rojueita > Eailemo cue voa sferer-a > Per los seitones a venir. > > Vena l'êvo de catedrais > La teumón annoa > En una noava millona > Lo tenno vuela stecar aes steallas > Scrivar lo seu ouito, > Nello lueo o nella pealón > > Pealón ashueis pealón, dejón ashueis dejón, > Dea seitón ae seitón coa caima > Lo veda az attear los dareazos > Cue lo a demeato, per seas manos > > Los hoardos a los trobatores, > Caitarein los caitos caimei > Cue promettuerein a jeu d'homones > Unas melyoras shueitas. > > Vena l'êvo de catedrais > La teumón annoa > En una noava millona > Lo tenno vuela stecar aes steallas > Scrivar lo seu ouito, > Nello lueo o nella pealón > > Se foatta l'êvo de catedrais, > La tutón de caisos, > Es aos dueros deu venyazo > Mecát anner acestes doaseis, cestes remais > La treaja de acesta teumón, > Es prêvista per l'ênno duo mila. >
Looks nice. I don't know how much it fits in the metre though. You should try to record a sung version of it :) .
> > It is fucked the age of the cathedrals (I'm sorry, but I can't think of > an adequate translation for "foutu". Christophe?)
"Rotten" is the word that comes to mind, though I'm not sure it fits the meaning. Can anyone think of an English word meaning "broken, without hope of ever fixing it", which would also show the anger of the person pronouncing the word, and be slightly unpolite? (but only slightly, it's not the worst swear word you can find :) ) That's the problem with French swear words, they are usually untranslatable, especially in English which, compared to French, seems quite poor in curse words. I think it's Stephen King who said that French was the perfect language to verbalize emotions: the best vocabulary for positive feelings, but also the best language to curse in :) . About that, if anyone can find me an English equivalent of the French word "con" (and I don't mean the old meaning "vagina", but the modern meaning) and it's feminine version "conne", I'd be most grateful to him/her. I'm often asked to translate this word and I can never find a good approximation retaining the full strength and at least part of the meaning of it.
> > Actually, looking at my new sig, I've been listening to *way* too much > French music... > > ---------------------------------- > La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit > "je t'aime" > c'était un mec > qui l'a dit... > Francis Lalane > ----------------------------------- >
Especially Francis Lalane, I think there's much better to find :) (personal opinion :) ). I think you would like the song "le privilège" of Michel Sardou (one of our best French singers IMHO). Christophe.


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