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CHAT: "and" (was: Re: CHAT: Dashes)

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Monday, June 11, 2001, 1:40
yes and1=enumeration-and. interesting.

when we look at the "OR" we notice situations where use it sometimes in the same "enumeration-way".
e.g. "do you think all these things exist ? do you think the quanta *or*
the yeti *or* santa claus really exist ? are you sure ? etc.."
its an "inclusive or" and got the meaning of and1 imho.
so is it true that "enumeration-and" is identical with "inclusive-or" ? or am i wrong ?
its abit confusing to think about such basic things.


MT> From: "claudio" <claudio.soboll@...>
>> hi ! >> well a semicolon is a softer connection between sentences than a >> fullstop is. >> analog to this the "and" is used as an even softer connection than the >> semicolon. >> i think the "and" is somewhat overused and overburdened in language. >> >> a solution could be to separate the sentence-connector-"and" from the >> accumulation-"and" ,like "add milk and1 water, and2 stir occasionally"
MT> Those are /k_h/ "and1" and /kI/ "and2" in Hadwan. /k_h/ is a clitic that MT> attaches to each member of the list, and /kI/ is a regular conjunction. MT> waidzóren ôien k hïtsón khwósho k MT> saw-1SG fruit-ACC and seed-ACC REFL-GEN and MT> "I saw the fruit and its seed" MT> /wAI"dzU4En "u:jEnk_h hi:"tsUn "xwUSUk_h/ MT> gimóren afân ki îrren ôiïs MT> went-1SG water.ACC and gathered-1SG fruit-ACC-PL MT> "I went to the water and gathered fruit" MT> /gI"mU4En A"fQ:n kI "jIrEn "u:ji:s/ MT> *Muke! MT> -- MT> regards, c.s.