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Re: help please: creating a Semitic-ish conlang

From:takatunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Saturday, January 3, 2004, 13:04
Robert Jung wrote:

>How many root concepts would one need for a functional >three-consonantal-root, Arabic-ish (or Hebrew-ish etc.), >usable conlang? I think it'd be cool to create such a lang, >but I dunno where to start... > >--Robert
Depends how you build words from root words: by compounding? derivation? How do you name species? Is a fox a "red-canine"? For instance Hebrew derives "to smell", "the sense of smell" "to be smelled", "a perfume" and "to perfume something" from the same CCC root. The akkadian graphs were around 750. My own lang has around 1450 roots not including antonyms (good-bad, high-low, enter-exit, etc.) If you are into "unambiguous" stuff you might want to make the psychological and social vocabulary detailed. It's a limited vocab difficult to make by compounding other words.