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Multi-modal communication

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Sunday, June 25, 2006, 4:12
Sai Emrys wrote:

> It is one thing I'd be very interested in, though; optimized > multi-modal communication is one of my desiderata.
That's something that has already been invented by Frank Herbert in Dune. In his books, the Mothers of the Bene Gesserit (spelling?) are capable of speaking aloud and at the same time have a conversation in a secret gestural language. I was amazed to see this wonderfully rendered in the mini-series. Two Mothers had a futile conversation for the bugs in the room and discussed serious matter with their hands in their laps (with subtitles for the real audience in front of their TVs). I don't know if it's possible in the reality, except if you use the gestures only in between part of the verbal sentences and the two discussions must be about two very different things. Already it would require great capabilities of multitasking in one's brain so that both discussions remain coherent and don't interfere with each other. To a lesser extend, that what we do sometimes when we have a conversation on the phone that we also comment with gestures for a person next to us --usually to express the opposite of what we're just saying. -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================


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