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Re: CHAT: back

From:tim talpas <tim@...>
Date:Friday, September 27, 2002, 17:47
# If any of you actually know who I am or noticed me missing (right) I'm
# back.  I am now at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania,
# USA, studying computer science with a minor (probably) in linguistics.
# Unfortunately, there is a reason CMU is not knownfor its linquistics
# program.  There isn't even a major in the subject!  Oh well, I'll survive.
# Besides, I have all that cool CS to look forwards to.
# Anyway, I decided to finally rejoin the list now that I'm settled in.  I
# haven't done any interesting conlanging stuff recently, so I'm just going
# to relurk.
# |relurks|

The University of Pittsburgh has a decent linguistics program. As well
as a large number of less-commonly-taught languages like Swahili, Quechua,
Aymara, Tagalog, Scottish Gaelic, etc.

You will soon notice that CMU lingustics classes, and the University
mentality in general is very Prescriptivist, where as Pitt is a bit
more Descriptivist.

As a CMU student, you are entitled to take classes at Pitt for no extra
or minimal extra charge. And Pitt campus is right next to CMU, of course,
right across the hollow.

(I work in the ECE dept. at CMU, and have a Lingustics degree from Pitt,
in case you're wondering)