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Re: My new toy: Spanish sylabary

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Thursday, October 21, 1999, 6:16
Carlos Thompson wrote:

> Well, I've been working in a way to write Spanish making it a little more > difficult to decipher, but yet easy to use when you know it, and I came out > trying a sylabary.
And that made me do this: Example using "eo iu rl", i.e. swap e/o i/u r/l: worr u vo boon welkung un a way te wluto spanush makung ut a ruttro melo duffucirt te docuphol bit yot oasy te iso whon yei knew ut and u camo eit tlyung a syrabaly. It does cyclical permutations, a simple substitution cipher. One may specify the cipher, and it can go forward or reverse (useful when the cycle is not of length 2). I suppose one could learn to read/write it straight, as some people can with ROT-13 ...